About Us

What is God's Morning?

Feel God's love and embrace your unique perspective with God's Morning, an intimate and intentional women's-only mentorship. The Retreat program encourages each woman to be seen, heard and valued in a supportive, friendly and casual atmosphere. Come join us and experience how divine love can transform your life!

What is The Retreat?

The God's Morning Retreat is designed to help you create a space for yourself where you can explore Scripture and discover God's love for you. Here, you can forget the past and the expectations of others, and focus on who you truly are and how much God loves you. Experience a supportive atmosphere of understanding and love on your journey to a new way of living.

How Can I Join?

The Retreat offers an exclusive experience with two different options! Enjoy an in-person day retreat and gain support through worship, Bible study, activities, with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Or join in the Virtual Retreat and connect with other like minded women for weekly online meetings. Make friends, gain knowledge, and receive the healing you need with The Retreat.

The Vision

Rebuild…Renew…Release. I have surrendered my life to God and have allowed Him to REBUILD my life RENEW my mind and RELEASE who I was created to be!!!


Donations and love offerings are accepted and deeply appreciated! Please click here